Tea Bags and your compost heap.

The research for this post comes from gardening.which.co.uk

Up until recently I had been happily putting all our tea bags on the compost heap. That was until I read an article in the Which? Gardening magazine.

Plastic waste

Plastic pollution is definitely a hot topic these days. I was surprised to read that by composting our tea bags I was inadvertently adding plastic to our heap.¬† The majority of tea bags use polypropylene to strengthen and seal the bags. This isn’t biodegradable. Considering there are billions of tea bags sold across the UK annually, that’s a lot of plastic being leaked into the earth.

Not all contain plastic

So which brands don’t contain plastic;

What do I do in the meantime? Or I don’t want to change my brand

WRAP maintains that composting or disposing of your teabags in the food recycling bin is still the best way to deal with them. We still have a catering pack of our previous brand of bags so I’ve moved to putting them into the food recycling.

What are you doing to help combat plastic pollution? let me know.

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