What’s planned for the vegetable patch in 2019

I was very pleased to finally get round to make raised beds in our vegetable patch last year. You can read about my project here. I managed to get them finished in early summer and we got some vegetables in there. We had some limited success. The plants grew like wildfire but this is not ideal for veg as they put all their energy into growing leaves and not enough into growing the actual vegetable. We put this down to the soil being too rich in nitrogen due to mainly being compost.

So to combat this I’m topping up the beds with some plain topsoil which will hopefully tone down the nitrogen. We can only hope.

This is my wife’s plan for the beds,

You’ve got 3 raised beds from left to right and a section of old vegetable patch at the end. We’ve got some crop rotation going on…the carrots for example were in the 1st bed last year.

What’s changed this year is that we’ve actually got some of the seeds planted early and slowly germinating in the loft in the house:

We are also taking the advice of my wife’s father who recommends that root vegetable should be sown directly into the patch…i.e. carrots for example should be sown as seed directly into the patch. We’ve not done this the last couple of years having bought tiny seedlings from the garden centre and transplanting them. We’ve yet to get a successful crop.

What did do well were the courgettes and potatoes. Looking forward to some more of the same this year.

So fingers crossed for the 2019 vegetable patch.

How’s your planning for 2019’s growing season going?

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